72nd Annual Iris Show

WELCOME to the website of the Mio Irisarians!   Thank you for stopping by!

OUR   2016   IRIS   SHOW   is set for Sunday, June 12, 2016, at the Plainfield Township Hall in Hale, Michigan. 

Entries Accepted 7 – 10 a.m.  *No Entry Fee!*

Open the public 1:30 – 4:30 p.m.


This site is a work in progress, so I will get details as I learn the ropes. Drop a comment or e-mail the webmaster for any specifics.  Stay tuned!! 🙂

The artistic theme is for the design or flower-arrangement division of our show.  See the photo gallery for ideas of past arrangements.  Then let your creative juices flow and enter a design in our show in one or all of the following categories. (Remember, iris must predominate the arrangement, and use of artificial foliage or flowers is not permitted.)

Artistic Theme 2016


Have a Good Day!

(revised in Memory of our iris friend Opal Fullerton)

Honor Our Creator                  –           White Iris

A Morning Promise                  –           Yellow Iris

A Friendly Lunch                    –           Any Color Iris

Sharing With Children –           Pink Iris

Caring For Homeless              – Light Blue/Lavender Iris

Preserving Our Natural Resources –    Red/Brown Iris

Appreciating Our Veterans   –           Blue/Purple Iris

Enjoying Our Neighbors           –           Arts and Crafts


Props are only a suggestion. Any or all props may be used or another prop of the arranger’s choice they feel conveys the theme of that category.
Anyone may enter an arrangement. It isn’t necessary that person grow or know the names of the flowers used. Iris must predominate

We are not responsible for the loss of any arrangement or prop.

2 thoughts on “72nd Annual Iris Show”

  1. This is an amazing show. I absolutely love the smell. It is a large show too. Hope to meet you there. Adam can you post the entry categories and artistic fields if possible?

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